-V- Glossary of Terms

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Vector systems - A mapping system or Geographic Information System (GIS) in which map images are defined by the set of vectors (quantities describing position and direction) describing points, lines, and polygons that comprise a map. Two common methods of storing vector map data are "whole polygon" and "arc node." With the former, the polygon co-ordinates are stored as a whole unit with attribute data. With the latter, segments of polygons (co-ordinates of end points and associated line/arc segments) are stored with attributes.

Verification - The statement sent to a registrant or third parties following the successful processing of a registration packet. 

Vesting Order - An order of the court directing the Registrar to cancel an old title and issue a new title to someone who is not currently the registered owner. 

View - A named definition of what map data is displayed when that view name is selected.

Viewshed - A map showing those areas which are visible and invisible from a user specified location (x, y, z).