-R- Glossary of Terms

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Range - North-south columns referred to in the Dominion Land Survey. 

Raster - A row of elements, such as pixels on a video monitor. Multiple raster lines comprise the matrix of pixels that form a complete image. Related terms: digitizer (video), grid systems. 

Raster-based Systems - See Grid Systems. 

Real Property - Immovable property (also referred to as real estate or land), as distinct from personal property. 

Rectilinear - Bounded or formed by straight lines. 

Registered Owner - See Owner.

Registrant - The user (person or party) submitting the source documents for registration. 

Registrar - The statutory official in the Land Titles System. 

Registrar’s Caveat - In the old Land Titles System, the Registrar would register a caveat that would, in effect, freeze the title from any future dealing with the lands, until the issue that caused the title to be frozen had been resolved.

Registrar’s Renewal - An instrument that is created internally to cancel an existing title for a title that has been completely filled with endorsements, and issue a new title, that reflects active title information only.
Registration Date - The calendar date upon which an instrument (interest) is received and on which it is deemed to be registered.

Registration number - The number assigned to an instrument submitted to the old paper-based system for registration. It is an assigned sequential number made up of a combination of the:
(1) last two digits of the year.
(2) office designation initial(s).
(3) sequential number.

Renewal - See Registrar’s Renewal. 

Renewal Registration Date - The date that a renewal was registered in the Judgment Registry. 

Replotting - The reconfiguration of parcels within a registered Section 104 Plan, by means of filing a replot plan. 

Request (new) - A single cover sheet submitted for processing. 

Request (old) - See Final Request. 

Request Date - On a picture of a parcel of land, the request date refers to the date that the picture was generated. 

- The accuracy at which the location and shape of map features can be depicted for a given map scale. 

Restrictive Covenant - An equitable negative easement specifying that certain lands shall not be used for certain purposes. 

Rhumb Line - A line that crosses successive meridians at a constant angle. 

Right of Survivorship - The right of joint tenants holding property to enjoy the continuation of such right as long as any of the joint tenants survive. Thus, where two joint tenants own property, they together constitute the owner. After one has died, the other is the owner. 

Riparian Rights - Relates to water and its use and the ownership of soil under the water; generally defined as the right of every person, whose land through which a natural watercourse runs, to the benefit of that watercourse as it passes through his or her land; right to water for all useful purposes to which it may be applied. 

Root Mean Square (RMS) - A measure of the amount of "unexplained" variation remaining when a set of tics or control points are registered. A polynomial regression equation is fitted to relate the digitizer co-ordinates to real world co-ordinates. 

Rubber sheeting - The process by which the map features in a slave data layer are assigned new co-ordinates (a mathematical function is calculated) to more closely fit a master data layer based on a set of registration points common to both the slave and master data layers.