-J- Glossary of Terms

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oint Tenants (new)
- The relationship code between ownership holders that allows them to create a single share to more than one ownership holder, and setting up the right of survivorship in the share.

Joint Tenants (without rights of survivorship) (old) - A tenancy created where the same interest in real or personal property is passed by the same conveyance to two or more persons in the same right or by construction or operation of law, jointly, with a right of ownership. Created to make mandatory the participation by all parties to the joint tenancy any future dealings with the land, future dealings must be handled by the court when one of the parties is unable to act on their own behalf.

Judgment Registry
- The Saskatchewan Judgment Registry, established under Section 18 of The Enforcement of Money Judgments Act.

Jurat - The clause at the end of an affidavit or other legal document stating when, where and before whom it was sworn.