-E- Glossary of Terms

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e-Business Services Centre (e-BS)
 - The document storage facility and e-BS centre of ISC. This is where all hardcopy documents are stored. All e-BS functions are delivered through the e-Business Services Centre. e-BS functions include central mail handling, imaging of documents and accounting.

Edge detection - A software technique for automatic determination of boundaries of plane figures, such as borders between parcels.

Edge tying/matching - A procedure that allows two adjoining maps to be tied together spatially at their common edge so that the positions of map features extending across map sheet boundaries can be reconciled.

Effective Date (new) - The date of registration of a request within the Title Processing System (TPS).

Effective date (old) -
The last calendar date that an office has processed all the documents received on that date. 

Electronic Title Record - The official record of land and interest information.  It replaces the old paper title, and is central to the principle of indefeasibility.

Encumbrance - A charge on land created or affected for any purpose, inclusive of mortgages, builders’ liens and judgments against lands.

Encumbrance sheet - A sheet listing, in order of priority, claims, liens, and charges attached to the common property in a condominium plan.

Endorsement - Anything written in the old Land Titles system upon an instrument or title. 

Enforcement Charge - A charge created by the registration of a judgment in the Judgment Registry.

Enlargement - The document that creates a separate title for part of the land, or for one of the registered owner’s interest only, that was contained in one title.

1. A real world object that is not subdivided or further defined as being made up of other object of the same kind.
2. A corporation, partnership or group.

Equivalence - Areas on one portion of a map are in scale with areas in any other portion. 

Error Report - A report created in the Title Processing System (TPS) and returned to the registrant listing the deficiencies in a rejected work packet. 

Exact Name Match - The character for character and space for space match of the name of a person with a target name shown in the Auto Attach Table.

Expiry Date - The preset date on which an interest or judgment will cease to be in effect or will become inactive.

1. A number appended to a legal land description (LLD) to differentiate parcels referencing the same or similar LLD. Extension numbers are added to assist the client in interpreting the LLD referenced on their Land Registry title, the LLD on the cancelled paper title it came from, and the plan that represents where the parcel of land is actually located.
2. A number appended to a legal land description (LLD) that may indicate that a parcel is "tied" to another parcel and it can not be dealt with independently.  This "tie" provides for land dealing rules set out in The Planning and Development Act.  See "Tie-Code".