-L- Glossary of Terms

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Land Registration Districts - The districts within the province maintained under the old paper-based system.

LAND System - The Land Titles Automated Network Delivery System. It is the computer-based system that replaced the previous paper-based system. 

Land Title Registration Date - The date that an instrument, writ of execution or maintenance order was registered in the old paper-based system. 

Land Title Registration Number - The registration number assigned to an instrument, writ of execution or maintenance order in the old paper-based system. 

Land Titles Automated Development Project (LAND Project) - A joint project between the Ministry of Justice and SaskGeomatics to automate and re-engineer the old Land Titles and Chief Surveyor’s functions. 

Large Format Prints - Any print request that exceeds the margins of an 8 ½" by 11" sheet of paper. 

Last Amendment Date - The date the title was last modified. Actions that will cause a change to the Last Amendment Date include interest assignments, interest discharges, interest registrations, interest amendments, registration of a sub-interest, discharge of a sub-interest, removal of an alternate or adding a lock to title.

Actions that will not cause a change to the Last Amendment Date include change of name of title owner, change of name of interest holder, addition of an alternate or removing a lock from title.

Latitude/longitude - A commonly used plane co-ordinate system (map projection) defining the locations of features on the earth’s surface which is referenced to an ellipsoid. 

Legal description - The text based description of a parcel of land, originating out of the Dominion Land Survey and subsequent plans.

Legal subdivision - A theoretic area by calculation into quarters of each quarter section. 

Letters Patent - This refers to an original grant from the Crown.
Level - A map layer or coverage containing one unique set of features such as roads.

Lock - A status code or the act that freezes a title or interest and prohibits any future dealing with the title or interest until the issue out of which the locking occurred has been resolved.  

Lock Type - Includes General Registrar’s Prohibition, General Registrar’s Prohibition on Transfer, Uncertified Mineral - Transfer Permitted, Uncertified Mineral - Transfer Prohibited, and Builders’ Lien Lock.