-D- Glossary of Terms

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Date of Issue - The date on which a judgment was issued.

Date of Renewal - The date of an order that renews a judgment.

Date/Time Priority Search - A search result of a title record showing the priority of the interests as at the date and time they registered against the title.

De-Activate - To make inactive by changing the status code on a table entry from active to inactive.

Debtor - The person or entity that owes a debt. 

Dedicated Lands - Lands designated for public use as specified under a Section 104 Plan of The Land Titles Act in effect before the implementation of the LAND Project.

Dependent Adult - A person with respect to whom an order has been made appointing a personal guardian or property guardian.

Deposit Account  - An account established by frequent customers into which funds were deposited for payment of future services.

Deposit Account Holder - Those who had a deposit account into which they placed funds from which fees could be taken.

Developer - In a condominium plan, means a person or entity who on the date that the plan is presented for registration is the registered owner of the lands included in the plan.

Developer’s Caveat - A caveat that must be registered prior to the issuing of any condo unit titles on a phased condominium transform.

District - The districts within the province maintained under the old paper-based system.

Docket - Another name for the General Record.

Dominant Party - The party gaining benefit from an easement, who is from time to time also the owner of the dominant tenement.

Dominant Tenement - The land benefiting from a restrictive covenant easement or caveat, or a party wall agreement.

Dropdown menu - A type of user interface by which items, functions, or tasks are selected through the use of a mouse and clicking on the desired screen location.

Duplicate Certificate of Title - A duplicate copy of the original title. Following implementation of the LAND System across the province, all duplicate certificates of title are deemed to be cancelled.