-F- Glossary of Terms

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Fair Market Value - The price to which two unrelated and non-desperate parties would agree, or the price a piece of land or commodity would bring on the open market at that time.

1. A defined entity, its spatial object representation and associated attributes.
2. The graphical representation of an interest attached to land such as an easement that represents an area less than that of an entire parcel.
3. Certain interests in land that are registered against a title to land and affect less than the full parcel.

Feature Type - Name applied to features with particular characteristics that cause them to be regarded as a distinct group (e.g., roads, railways, parks, etc.). 

Feature Type Code - An integer identifying a unique feature type. 

Feature Type Class - A set of feature types that have a similar function (e.g., the transportation feature type class may consist of the feature types roads, rivers and highways). 

FED/FEDL -  Under "TYPE" in the Judgment Search results, FED/FEDL refers to a federal writ of execution. Under The Enforcement of Money Judgments Act, federal writs are deemed to be enforcement charges.   

Fee Trigger - A term representing the function of a fee being charged to the client when accessing information through the ISC website.  An activity which automatically results in the charging of a fee when submitting some registrations or conducting some online searches. 

Field Books - Books that contain handwritten notes made by surveyors when conducting surveys on lands. 

Field Index Books - An index created for field books, cross-referencing book number to land descriptions. 

Fractional Interest - Less than the whole ownership interest in a title or interest.