-M- Glossary of Terms

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Mailing Label - The record containing person identification, addressing information and default media and distribution options for outputs.

Manual Worksheet - A worksheet maintained by the ISC worker who is performing a staff-assisted search at a Customer Service Centre (CSC). It is used to track fees associated with the search that is being performed by the ISC worker on behalf of the client.

Map - A graphic representation of features using points, lines, and areas defined both by position with reference to a co-ordinate system and by their non-spatial attributes. 

Map Element - A fundamental geographical unit of information, such as a point, line, area, or pixel. 

Map Extent - The rectangular limits (xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax) that include all the features displayed on a graphics screen or plotted map.

Map Projection - A function or transformation that relates co-ordinates of points on a curved surface to co-ordinates of points on a plane. 

Map Scale - The relationship between distances on a map and the corresponding distances on the earth’s surface expressed as a fraction (constant for a given map). 

Mean Sea Level - Average sea level minus the tides.

1. A great circle passing through the poles along which all points have the same longitude. The prime meridian also passes through the Royal Observatory located in Greenwich, England.
2. One of the three main north-south lines referred to in Saskatchewan and the Dominion Land Survey.

Metes and Bounds - The limits or boundaries of property as marked by natural features or man-made structures. A method of describing the territorial limits of property by means of measuring distances and angles from designated landmarks and in relation to adjoining properties.

Mineral Certificate - A certificate issued to verify the registered owner of a specific mineral interest.

Mineral Status
- Identifies the mineral designation as provided in the grant. 

Mineral Title - A title type that refers to a mineral parcel. It can refer to all minerals, a sub-type of minerals such as coal and valuable stone, or a balance mineral title. 

Mineral Value - The value of the minerals in the parcel. When there are tenants in common, the mineral value reflects the total value of the parcel (e.g., the total of all the values).

MO - Under "TYPE" in the Judgment Search results, MO refers to a maintenance order. When The Enforcement of Money Judgments Act came into effect, maintenance orders were replaced by provincial maintenance judgments.  

Mylar Plan Copies - A copy of a survey plan that is created on mylar paper. Mylar paper is a gray, somewhat translucent material.