-I- Glossary of Terms

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1. A graphic representation of an object that is produced by an optical or electronic device. An example of this is remotely sensed data from a satellite, scanned data and photographs. An image is stored as a raster data set of binary or integer values representing the intensity of reflected light, heat or other range of values on the electromagnetic spectrum.
2. The result of scanning a piece of paper to create an electronic version of the page which can, when viewed or printed, reproduce an exact replica of the paper page. 

Image Page - A single photograph or snapshot. 

Image Processing (IP) - The process of converting ‘raw’ remotely sensed data into a usable form through the application of various transformations such as supervised and unsupervised classification schemes. 

Imaged Document - A paper document from the previous Land Titles system that has been imaged and stored in the Land Registry.

In Perpendicular WidthThroughout - Parallel with a line at a distance from it which is measured to a point which is at right angles to the line.

Inactive - No longer in effect or current; discharged. 

Inactive Parcel
- Parcel that has been made inactive through the transform process, it cannot have a current title record tied to it.

Individual - A natural person.  See also "non-individual" and "person"

Instance - The single occurrence of a feature.

Integrated Spatial Database (ISBD) - The ISDB contains all SaskGIS Base Map data sets: cadastral and topographic. 

Interest - Any right, interest, or estate, whether legal or equitable, in, over, or under land, recognized at law, that is less than title.

Interest Amendment - The process of adding or changing features of an existing interest.  Options include, among other things, amending the scheduled expiry date, amending the description of interest, and adding the interest to additional parcels or interests. 

Interest Amendment Date - The calendar date on which an interest amendment was registered.

Interest Assignment
- The transfer of ownership of an interest. 

Interest Audit - Function that displays all transactions that have taken place in relation to a specific interest. 

Interest Category or Type - Describes the type of legal interest registered.

Interest Description - A summary of the terms of an interest agreement that is included for purposes of disclosure.

Interest History - Function that displays an interest’s transformational history.

Interest Holder (new) - A party who is registered in the Land Registry as a holder of an interest. 

Interest Holder (old) - A party who holds a registered interest in lands in the form of a registered instrument recorded against the title. 

Interest Register - A record of the interest holders, their respective shares in the interest, and the other interests, titles or parcels affected by an interest.  Also, the number assigned to a registered interest.  The number is the same for each title that the interest is registered against. 

Interest Register Amendment Date - The calendar date on which an interest register is amended.

Interest Register Description - See Interest Category.

Interest Registration Date - The calendar date upon which an interest is registered. 

Interest Status - Describes the status of the interest (ie. active or inactive).

Interest Scheduled Expiry Date - This field is exclusively used for parking designation interests. When a condominium unit owner has redesignated a parking space to another condominium unit, the parking designation interest will appear on two titles for a period of time. The Interest Scheduled Expiry Date is the date on which the parking designation will expire on the title giving up the parking space.

Interest Type - Specifies the specific kind of interest (eg. mortgage, builders’ lien, lease). 

Interest Value - Stipulates the dollar value of the interest. 

Interlineation - What is written between lines.

ISC - Information Services Corporation.

Issued Date - The date and time that the title or abstract was converted to the LAND System or, following conversion, the date and time that the title or abstract was created following transfer, transform, or transmission.