-G- Glossary of Terms

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General Record - An index used for the filing of instruments that relate by name only to real persons or legal entities, but not to any particular land or interest.

General Record Certificate - A certificate issued in the old Land Titles System listing any encumbrances registered against a specific name in the General Record (GRC or GR).

General Registration Certificate - see General Record Certificate.

Geocode - The process of identifying a geographic location having x,y co-ordinates from another description such as an address. The operation of linking non-spatial attributes to geographic locations.

Geographic Information System (GIS) - A system of spatially referenced information, including computer programs that acquire, store, manipulate, analyze, and display spatial data OR a computerized (digital) database, designed to easily store, manage and distribute large volumes of geographical data. It provides a link between the database and a map or maps.

Geoid - The shape of the earth’s surface assumed at mean sea level. Elevations are reported relative to this surface.

Georeference - To establish a mathematical relationship between paper map co-ordinates and known real-world co-ordinates.

Global Positioning System (GPS) - A navigational and positioning system by which the location of a position on or above the Earth can be determined by a special receiver at that point interpreting signals received simultaneously from several of a constellation of special satellites.

Grant Books - A record of legal descriptions and the grants that issued the first title for those lands.  They may also contain historical title information for the lands.

Grant Key ID - A number generated by the LAND System to identify a grant. This is the same as Grant Number.

Grant Land Description - The land description of a grant.

Grant Layer - In grant search results, this identifies what is granted (i.e., surface and/or mineral rights). 

Grant Number - A number generated by the LAND System to identify a grant. This is the same as Grant Key ID.

Grant Type - In grant search results, this identifies whether a grant is a traditional grant or a notification.

Grant(s) - A transfer of ownership of property. The document issued by the Crown which creates the first title for the land described in it.

Grantee - The person to whom an interest in land is granted.

- The party granting an interest in land.  Unpatented land can only be granted by the Crown.

Graticule - A grid of parallels and meridians on a map.

Grid systems - A mapping system in a Geographic Information System (GIS) in which the entire area of interest is represented by a grid or matrix of equal sized cells.

Grid cell - A single element in a grid or raster based system, similar to the individual cell of a spreadsheet. The cell contains two types of information, its geographic (x,y) co-ordinates and a thematic attribute value. Grid size or scale can usually be defined by the user.